birthday wishes. . .

so i must admit i've been taking this "birthday gift" concept to a new level this year. 

there's my infamous pillow project: during the process, i have fallen out of love with zimman's, in love with china seas unattainable fabrics, and in deep gratitude to the lovely julie of shelter.  will hopefully be able to share the finished project when i get home from vacay. . . we've hit a few bumps in the road but the delay will only make me appreciate them more.

i want and i cannot have. wah.

what else?  oh, so all of a sudden i'm hitting the half-way to 70 mark and i want to look 23 again.  so i splurged a bit at sephora.  i asked my beautiful friend jen what she uses and lept from there . . . 

hopefully i'll be giving rave reviews on these products in the near future but most likely i just wasted a ton of dough.  
do you all have any fave skincare products?

oh, and i had to buy the new jennifer aniston perfume because when you put it on it instantly transforms you into jen aniston.  {obvi}  

so you guys might not recognize me around town.  basically keep your eyes peeled for a younger version of jennifer aniston . . . with great pillows.

and what do you want for your birthday?  

and do you still want to read my blog after this totes obnosh and vain post?  
i do realize how very silly it sounds but this is what i asked for this year - inquiring minds wanted to know.
and if i could ask for another year blessed with my wonderful family and friends i would.  forreals.   i would trade all the beauty potions, fabrics, and pillows on the planet for another year with a healthy and happy fam.  corny? totes.  truth? God-honest.

so celebrate every day like it's your birthday and appreciate what you've got. . .  
and then when you're birthday gets really close, splurge on a few goodies.


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Happy Happy Happy Almost Birthday Sweet Sarah.

Anonymous said...

You do what you want, Birthday Girl! It's closing in on this June baby's big day too and my list is super offensive :)


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