can you say slacker?

my sincere apologies once again for neglecting my dear blog.  i have a slue of excuses but i'll spare you the bulk of them.

so much to catch up on!  

first off, i am having such. big. fun watching my first 'celeb' client kick *ss on HGTV's design star.  i had the pleasure of attending boarding school with miss meg caswell.  we shared an occasional illegal bevvy in the woods, as well as many laughs.  and NOW i get to see her on TV every monday night. 

check out these before and after pics from the bed & breakfast challenge last week.  meg nailed it! so much so that my beloved vern yip said it was his fave room he's seen in 6 seasons of the show.  you go girl!

before {yuck}

and voila!

i was thrilled when meg hired me to help with a baby shower she was hostessing.
with the help of jayme marie designs, we created a special soiree, bursting with with flair and personality {like meg and guest of honor, ashley!}  
it was too much fun and i can't wait to share the deets.  {hint, hint, meg.  we know you're busy getting famous and all but can we get those pics?}

here's a sneak peek of the menus jayme created for the bright and lively 'bun in the oven' themed shower.  

hmmm. . .what else have i been up to besides blogging?
unfortch, last weekend we attended a funeral.  debbie downer alert!  i consider myself lucky that these are few and far between in my life, but difficult none the less.  my neighbor growing up passed away.  he had been suffering for a long time so his passing was bittersweet.   i love his family as i love my own so that part is tough but they are strong amazing peeps. 

on a positive note - i got to show c & p the teeny tiny town where i was lucky enough to grow up.  it hasn't changed much, which is what makes it so charming.  and my appreciation for it now far exceeds when i was a child.  isn't that always the way? 

 anyhoot, we stayed at our dear family friends who own one of my fave properties on the planet.  if anyone wants to buy it - it's for sale.  here's some pics i stole off the sotheby's site.  

{i don't really want you to buy it though because i totes need to visit it forevah.  CBC, any extra carsh laying around?}

and here's some i took of c & p romping around the "yard" last weekend.

my go-to descriptive words "adorbs", "amazebalz", and "wor-ship" only begin to describe my adoration for this home, where owners "s & l" have a knack for making me feel at home.  
simply put: they are. . . the. best.
might i add these are the same peeps that lent us our wedding getaway car.  the t-bird!

image by corinna raznikov

thank you "s& l" for everything.
and for raising one of the sweetest gals i know, fellow blogger miss kate of the thrill of the chaise. {damn! why didn't i think of that?!}
 i like to believe all of the hours i logged babysitting kate contributed to her fab wit and style.

my lil ladies saw some big glorious trees and witnessed a place where there's as many horses on the road as cars {and it's not because their amish}. 

here's the farm where i clinched a few blue ribbons.  then i discovered boys and TV.
i digress. . . 

we also stopped at the village store on our way out of town to load up on some munchies and nostalgia for the trip home.

it had plenty of both.

i miss you bri-wa.  
never change!


Gillian~Katie said...

So Happy to see you back. Even happier that you posted the results of lasts Mondays D-Challenge. We were in the ER with Harrison, talk about a debbie downer, anyway...he is fine but I didn't get to see the completed room. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww that's my home. I don't know if I should happy face or sad face that...but I will be there this time in 2 weeks!

Love youuuu.


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