wedding wednesday: bling bling

ahhhh, these glorious images never. get. old.  
from martha {obvs}.  she spells it all out for us with her diamond ring glossary.

i'd be happy with one of the precious velvet boxes.


it's not all about the ring.  but it is a very fun part of getting engaged.
hands {that's what we will refer to the groom going forward} totes nailed it with the ash's ring.
i was honored to help out with what style she had been swooning over for, ahum . . .years.  but hands did the dirty work himself and the ring exceeded all of our expectations.

stunning, really.

but what's more stunning-  ring or rojo rental?

and after a mid-dress shopping martini- i just had to try it on for myself {don't mind the 2.5 week old shellac attack}


in case you are wondering, i have a pink ring.  seriously.  it's a long story and not what horseface initially proposed with but it's brought me v. good luck in the form of two girly girls.  my wise and wonderfully supportive mama just says she guesses it's better i switch out the ring than the hub.  i concur.  

what's your dream ring look like?


ag24 said...

i die over the red v** rental.
Vera was the best day ever, sissy! OXOXOX

petits sucrés said...

so funny- I ALSO have a different ring now than the one B proposed with- LONG STORY (which maybe someday I will share over many glasses of wine), but it was originally a three stone. We had it redesigned this summer- I kept the original center stone (because I'm sentimental like that), and we swapped out the side stones for four mini diamonds on each side (........for our four kids, awwwww), and now it perfectly matches my wedding band (which is made of the same little stones that now flank my center stone). I love it. It's totally my style, and soooooo full of all sorts of meaning, which is DEFINITELY my style.

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

wow that ring is stunning!!! love love love it

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