dress success!

had a fabulous time dress shopping with my ashly, aunnie, and my mom this past weekend.  we were on a mission and the ash found 'the one'.  exhausting but worth it. and such. BIG. fun.

we started off with this oscar de la renta that we had been obsessing over for days.
not the one. {lucky thing since no can do 9k}  
must.  try.  everything.  you just never know what you'll fall in love with.

these are just a few more she tried on during the marathon search.
two more oscars . . .

love the bows!

a princess dress by anne barge

and a gorge monique . . .

then onto vera.

vera had some funky shiz going on - not gonna lie but we gave it a go.  
she also had some real beauties.  obvs.

she tried this in ivory- look at the cray cray back!

she even tried on the "serena".  how could she not?


i mustn't spoil all the fun so you have to wait until october to find out "the one" {unless you are one of the one hundred peeps i excitedly texted this weekend with images of the ash looking STUNNING}

then we came home, popped the veuve, ate pizza, and asked CBC to dig out my vera from the basement.  yup, i took my wedding gown out of it's "preservation" box and threw her on. i'm a freak.  but i fell in love all over again.  thanks, mom, for buying me my dream dress.

ash, i am SO happy you found yours.  
you're a flipping rock star in it.


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