pre-wedding wednesday

this will be the last post on a wednesday you see that's not titled WEDDING wednesday, as i plan to write a bit about the upcoming weddings I am currently obsessing over.  it's been 7 years since I was in the thick of it with my own nuptials, so i am having such. big. fun. anticipating the joyous occasions on the horizon for two of my fave ladies EVAH.

okay so, that being said, not much time for a proper post today. . .
recap of v-day, CBC had no clue what "the 24" meant.  {obvs.}
poor horseface was forced to read the blog to find out. 

so i went ahead and bought myself this glorious sweater from calypso {already sold out today}
i've been eyeing this beauty for months and it finally went on sale.  hope it's fab in "real life"

also ran to ikea this am with one ms. very preggers sugar on top!  she was trying to induce labor while i ran around filling my cart {and hers} with a gazillion things i don't need but plan on thoroughly enjoying, like these canopies for C & P's beds.

this is great in theory but i'm pretty confident it won't end well after the garland fiasco.

happy hump day!


akjennberry said...

No!!! The garland fiasco. That was a sad day. lol I think my mom and I are going to fly down to Seattle to hit up the Ikea there for ma bebe. ♥ Never been but sure I will never want to leave!

PS that sweater is epic!

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