GDRs {groundhog day resolutions}

so phil saw his shadow this am. . . 6 more weeks of winter.  since our winter is averaging about 47 degrees, i'm not too bent out of shape about this.

but the "holiday" has me thinking about the movie groundhog day and how sometimes my life truly feels like the same ol' thing . . . every. day. 

so i started to ponder what i could do to make the routine a little brighter than the majority of phil conners' stay in punxsutawney.

i preset to you: my GDRs {groundhog day resolutions}

1. for starters, it would be great to get these kids out. of. diapers.  i mean my quality of life would sky-rocket if it didn't involve changing dirty diapers.  
we bought this today.  i'm hoping C & P  have respect for the classics. 
{btw, i will never ever mention potty training again on this blog.  i hate myself for doing it but i have to be honest about my GDRs}

2.  i know i'd be the happiest me if i could make it to bikram yoga daily.  that is not going to happen at this stage of my life but if i can make it there once or twice a week, it will totes make a difference.  i just went back after a 5 year hiatus and i'm loving to hate it.  
best.  torture.  evah.

3.  i've mentioned this before, but i'd really like to have fresh flowers in my house every week.  not a big expense with a huge return.

4.  i need to walk george & looloo more.  being the cray cray dog lady that i am, this is one of my greatest joys and i just don't make it happen enough.

{preferably on nantucket like this picture.  ha}

5.  and i must write in my one line a day journal.  i bought it before the start of 2011 and i am loving reading what i was up to on the day exactly one year prior.  you have to get this!  everyone can make time for one freaking line a day, right?  

it helps me realize that i'm not stuck in groundhog day at all.  
although the differences don't seem huge from day to day, my lil munkies are growing and changing right before my eyes,  new friendships are blossoming,  old friendships are deepening,  my marriage is maturing, my business is challenging me, life is happening people! {no matter how many episodes of dora i have on a day}
 . . .  hmmm. . . deep thoughts by lil hoot on a gloomy thursday afternoon.

happy groundhog day, everyone.  do you have any GDRs?


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