gloriousness on the sho'

i want this adorbs beach house.
lil hoot colors abound and i think it's just. . .well, perfection.
{ so much so that i don't even mind that it is in the jerse}


love-love this entry way.

riggins.  here. now.

adorbs bunks. and the katie ridder wallpaper?  i mean, i. die.  

too bad the view sucks.  ha!

and here's where i'll be retiring every evening, please, thank you.  the floors?  ummm, wor-ship.

check out all the glorious deets of mona ross berman's redonk house in house beautiful.
hey mona, how much you want for this beauty?
i've got two french bulldogs with your name on 'em. {kidding!  sort of. . . }


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