owl take two, please

so march is in like a lion, as they say.
in anticipation of the lamby weather to come i just bought two lilly dresses.  i'm not an over the top lilly gal but i couldn't resist these- they look vintage and the scalloped pockets are adorbs.   i love when i find special somethings that compliment each other but aren't exactly the same,
just like c & p.
lilly actually washes great and we wind up wearing them as much as our target threads in the summer.

did i mention they are on sale at neiman's?

stay warm out there.  spring is on the way!


Rene' said...


Lucinda said...

These make me so happy.....I need a girl...can I borrow yours?

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

I may have to buy both of these!!! too cute!

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