miami post-super bowl monday {and mr. quiggly}

sorry for the late post, monday blues are pretty severe in these parts.
CBC's birthday was yesterday - his team lost and he's a sad little munky.  wompwomp.
it's true i find his obsession with football beyond annoying at times,  but i'm so happy he was born {obvs}.  i hate to see him sad but i'm sure he's extremely comforted that no matter if the pats have another championship under their belts or not, he still has me.  i'm like his own personal giselle {except without the annoying accent. . . or super model appearance or hefty paycheck.  hmph.}

anyhoot, let's buy me this dress for my mee-ah-me trip to lift everyone's spirits, shall we?

love-love or not so much?

and a special shout-out to my other fave aquarian {whom we just so hoppen to be celebrating in miami} HBD, SJW.  lovies!

and omg, omg, omg - i simply canNOT wait until frenchie friday to recap the best. super bowl. ad. evah.

wor-ship you, mr. quiggly.


Clare said...

I totes thought of you and George and Miss Loo Loo during that commercial.

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