24 and other memories with my valentine

sorry for the late post.  i spent most of the day with the wee valentines.  we went to deliver hugs to daddy at work-  good times {except when c. almost choked on a jolly rancher given by daddy's co-worker - hey timmy, nice work!}

i wasn't prepared with a gift for CBC this year but low and behold i stumbled upon just the right 'something' today.

one of my fave gifts to give are john derian decoupage.  
they fit my gift criterion: something one probably wouldn't buy for themselves, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful.

i know i've mentioned this lil gem in my mom's day gift guide.  love-love.  and I would gladly accept this as a gift myself {hint, hint}

this beauty would not be cool with CBC, however.

if i was perusing the actual john derian store i could have settled on any number of the following, as they all conjure up wonderful memories of my valentine:

the central park essay 
{we got engaged overlooking central park when we lived on the UWS}

enjoyed many a jet-lagged creme brulee in gay paris

our lobster bake rehearsal dinner


obvs, again

triple obvs

this cupid would only fly on v-day- altho even that's a stretch . . .

awww, our lil twin cherubs!  adorbs, but again, not quite CBC's style.

as it turns out, the totes appropes start to his 'collection' was on sale at one of my go-to gift shoppes in marblehead, 


hey CBC, i'm glad we got married.  i really like you, a lot.

and then on my way out i stumbled upon the perf card . . .

this reminded me that i gave CBC a wheel of pierre robert for his first birthday we spent together {10 years ago}.  it dawns on me now that this was an odd gift - but it was meant to be, or this card wouldn't make sense now - see that folks?  it all. works. out.

happy valentine's day.  remember the love.


akjennberry said...

Love this post! And loves those platters! ♥

Lucinda said...

LOVE!! Especially the 24 & the Lobster!! Happy Valentine's Mrs. Hoot!!

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