HBD, Hoot!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mr. hooooooo-ooot.  happy birthday to YOU {and me}!

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trying not to be emo over here- i mean, it's just a blog, for george's sake.  let's not get too carried away.   that being said, bear with me as i thank some muy importante peeps . . . like YOU.

a year ago i launched lil hoot.  it's still pretty small potatoes {maybe always will be} but what isn't small at all is the overwhelming amount of encouragement i feel from my readers, friends, family, and colleagues {such a foncy word}.  

i am forever grateful for my cheerleaders {you know who you are} 
and also the relationships i've made because of my lil biz.  it's been such big fun to conspire with such serious talent - wor-ship all of these ladies who are so. darn. good. at what they do.

in a {party/blog} world where competition and pettiness can prevail- you gals have managed to support and inspire in ways i don't even think you realize and it is truly appreciated.
you rock.

and now please excuse my open love letter to ms. meredith nelson.

dear meredith, 

you have given me and mr. hoot a gift like no other : your bananas documentation of my parties with heart . . . and for that, my gratitude measures beyond words.
but i have to say our friendship is really the wind beneath lil hoot's wings.
thank you for always showing up with a smile - even when i ask you to pick up ginormous balloons on your way to shoot a party, or walk in to find a very "unfinished" party scene {ahum, sprinkle. . .}
you are the real deal, sister.  and that, my friend, is worth celebrating every day.


totes creepster, right?  hey CBC, i promise i'm not leaving you for meredith . . . yet. ha.  seriously tho, she's legit. {but no one compares to CBC.  i really like you, a lot, hunny.}

okay, i'm babbling so i'll leave you all with this.


i'm off to walk my dogs.
happy weekend!
and P.S. i love you. {okay, i'll try to refrain from overly corny blog posts for another year, but that's highly unlikely}


Jayme said...

Aw, so sweet! I'm so glad I have "met" you Sarah! :) Happy Birthday to Lil Hoot!!!

Meredith Nelson said...

Sarah! Really? Why do you do this to me when I am hormonal? You know the love affair is mutual. You are the most talented lady out there! Cant wait to play board games and pass out with you! XOXOXO

akjennberry said...

Congrats dear cousin! I look forward to continuing on this oh-so-fun journey with you! Being able to connect with you through you blog has been a blast!!

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Sarah! Happy to be a part of it. Your parties are wondey!

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