frenchie friday: wedding dress

so i've been looking forward to this since we were lil girls.  we are going wedding dress shopping this weekend for the ash.  to say i've been obsessing is an understatement.
if y'all are interested i'll post a full report on monday.  the ash would look gorge in a paper bag so i'm anticipating some true ridiculousness when she dons an actual wedding gown.

anyhoot, it's frenchie friday so here ya go!


hey ashy, mind if i bring loo and/or george to l'elite with us?  i think they would look stunning {really} next to an oscar de la renta.

happy weekend!


Lucinda said...

Hooray!! I can't wait to see pics!!!

ag24 said...

So excited!!! One more day!

akjennberry said...


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