last minute nifty giftys. . .

for moms like mine. . .

holy sh*tbalz, mum's day is right around the corner!
these are my favorite "quick" gifts.

i think moms are the toughest to buy for . . . not that they wouldn't appreciate anything but it's hard because they deserve so much. . .and you also want that something to be meaningful. 

1. i know what you're thinking. . .fit flops? not so much meaningfulness.  i'm prepared to catch some heat for my fitflop suggestion.  bring it on.  these things are legit and walking is a fab form of exercise for any mama, especially for the 'older' set.  write a sweet note with a promise of a nice long walk together!  get these at zappos in time for the big day.  {btw, i am totes sporting some right now}

2. okay, let me introduce you to one of my obsessions.  o'brien schridde frames.  they are gorgeous oversized wooden frames handcrafted by a charming couple in southern california.  no joke, i have about 18 in my house and i want more, more, more!  we gave my mom two for Christmas with pics of her grandbabies and she said it was her fave gift of all.  i think any framed pic is a great gift for mom but these bring it to a new level.

3.  another obsession and fave gift to give.  helen ficalora necklaces.  these gold discs come in glorious hot pink boxes and are frequently spotted on famous peeps.  i love-love pretending i'm a celeb so these are right up my ally.  i'm rarely out of the house without my c & p charms.  and janice cherishes hers, too.

4. ummmmm, ina? obvi.  get your barefoot contessa collectible edition here, if your mom doesn't already have them.  this gift has some legs because there are at least 6 books in all.  make sure she has every last one!

5. the lily murfee scarf.  i'd call these fairly stylish. . . for a grandma {my mom is going to kick my *ss when she reads this!}  comes in a variety of prints and great price point.

6. tocca makes my all-time fave candle. (in my opinion they beat out jo malone and dyptique and cost considerably less) 
candles make awesome gifts because they are a tough thing to justify buying for yourself AND they are consumable.  bonus!
{get fast shipping from sephora}

7. i heart john derian decoupage, big-time.  this cheerful plate is so pretty and all we want for the mamas we love so dearly is for them to be happy, right?  the 5" rounds are a great price point and are so versatile.  perfect home from a helen ficalora necklace, for instance. {this was j-nice's gift last year. . .and  a tocca candle come to think of it!}

8.  so i don't know about you, but my mom and i have sat through many a terrible romantic comedy in our day.  being a mother myself is wonderful, but a drawback is that i can't exactly head off to the movies on a whim with mom anymore.  i think the best gift we can give these women, who have given us everything, is our time.  it doesn't have to be the movies but make a plan with your mom to do something fun together. . . and leave the grand babies at home.  
if it IS the movies, pre-order tix here 
and leave time for a cocktail before or after. . .or both.

now get shopping!

oh, and - hi mom. i love you! xo


Harborview Eats said...

thank god for granjan!

oh, and tocca - best candle eva, couldn't agree more!

p.s. really, you're wearing fit flops?

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