i don't ask for much.  {ha!}
but seriously, i often remind CBC that i'd be perfectly content with a tastefully decorated beach cottage, preferably on nantucket.  obvi.
like "skull cottage" for instance. . .
{he in turn reminds me that lil hoot needs to generate a bit more business.}

i had the pleasure of enjoying a few bottles of vino at this beauty last weekend.  
it's legit.
and by "legit" i mean, i wor-ship. 
every. last. glorious. detail. 

especially fond of the "movie room" and "candy bar".  



in case you were wondering,  at the click of a button, a tv does happen to emerge from the cabinet at the foot of this bed.
yes, please, thank you.

check out the new england home article for all the deets.
or just ask one of my ladies - we would all gladly relive our visit.

{thanks again, balz.  you're the shiz}


akjennberry said...

I can't believe homes like this exist, let alone the fact that I have a cousin who stays in 'em. Why do I never get to go to cool places like this when I visit? Next time I come to CT there better be a weekend like this planned!

Emily said...

I'll have one. Thank you!

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