frenchie friday: beach bound

i'm off for a gal's weekend with some fabulous ladies and lots o' wine.
{and with any luck a dance party or two . . .  totes just made a mix cd with OPP --among other classics} 

 our destination is my official "happy place."  i've had amazebalz times there with my fam  {and bonus: my favorite person on the planet lives there. obvi}  

the pups love-love it.
they aren't coming today.  {wah-wahhhh} 
but soon!

here's some of my fave pics of them from vacay a couple of years ago . .

ready to leave, in a very full car. . . 
me and my sweet jorge

his glory days . . .

sandy and delicious.

coming home from a long day at the beach

rare family photo of the 6 of us - it still counts if 4 aren't looking, right?
have an awesome weekend everyone and if you see george & loo. . . shhhhhh!  don't tell them where i went. 

2 comments: said...

Adorbs that the poochs look one way and the babes another. Jeal of that salt air.

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

I love these pics! I am so excited to tag along this year! ;)

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