LHH {lil hoot headquarters} update

today is an exciting day because my office rug is scheduled for delivery~
i'm interested in meeting this character.  it was a steal for 132 dollars and free shipping.  

i first spotted this beauty over at laybabylay in beautiful vivi's nursery. 
love-love the large scale chevron.

obvi, if i wasn't working on a budge things would be different.  
in an ideal world, my home would be littered with madeline weinrib rugs

of course in an ideal world my two year olds and dogs would never get anything dirty either. . .
perhaps we'll revisit when c & p leave for college.
for now it's rugsUSA or bust!  
{if it's good enough for vivi, it's sure as heck good enough for LHH}

yoo-hoooooo, ups man, where arrrrrrrrre you?


Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I love the black/white chevron rug, but wow...those pink rugs you posted are unbelievably gorgeous!

Gillian~Katie said...

Big Fan! Can't wait to see the finished product.

True Event said...

OMG I LOVE!!!! so so gorgeous!

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