chelsea love. . .

today is an exciting day.  not only is chelsea handler's 4th book released . . . 

 but i actually get to see my real-life celeb girl crush. {cue the annoying over-enthusiastic teeny-bopper squeal}

 i have worshiped chelsea handler ever since i was laid up on hospital bed rest while preggers with c & p.  she provided some much needed comic relief within those four sterile walls.  nightly routine: take-out with the hub, listen to babies' heartbeats every four hours, chelsea & ambien {note to self, chelsea & ambien would be a great name for a blog, yes?}
life was grand.

life is still grand but much different now {except for the ambien} but i rarely get to see the show so it's a special treat that i get to see the real deal tonight.
a little more aggressive than my average tuesday night but bring it on, chelsea. . .

one halloween - the year of the "C" party - two of my mostest favoritest peeps surprised me in chelsea & chuy costumes. 


look at the lil nugget dancing.  can you stand it?


another reason why i love chels is because i admire anyone that is true to themselves and makes no apologies for it.  this is a bit too rare in every day life and i think it's why the chelseas and bethannys of the world are so well-received.  it's refreshing.  
that and they are effing hilarious.  
they remind me of my shelbys and my ashy, who i wish was coming tonight.  
{but as it stands, i'll be in pretty good company} 
vodka on me tonight, ladies and don't forget to wear your depends.


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

SO excited to pee my pants tonight:)

Gillian~Katie said...

That costume of Chuy is freakin' hysterical. I loved Are You There Vodka...I have to read her other books. Someday, when I can read again :)

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