hoot hoot! party time! super mac!

since our super mac party was featured on amy atlas events this week (yay!), i'm finally at liberty to share all the gory details.  thank you infinity times infinity to meredith nelson photography for capturing the details of the party and the spirit of the superheroes. {and for leaving out the vomit and peepee pants}

some of the super-guests.

word on the street is that when lil hoot makes it big, she's going to purchase an iron! doh.



super mac and big brother william planning their attack on bizarro pinata mac.

the kiddos took turns drooling over the dessert table by fabulous stacey butler of sugar on top!

some super pics of super mac from his past year.

meredith's ADORBS son, cale.  swooooon.

how amazing are all of the paper goodies from paige of paiges of style?  she's the bomb!

sugar on top's amaze-cake-balls.  yum-O.

felt masks for all the kiddos.

personalized cookie favors.  
{cookies by sugar on top.  labels by paiges of style.}

awesome pinata by etsy shoppe whack.  obsessed with the name and the shoppe!

booze!  we had a container of "power punch" {ummm, totes scream and go nakeds} at the soiree but we didn't get a pic.  we were probably too busy sucking it back. . .

look at that handsome smile!

a rare "still" super mac with beautiful supermama lc.

awwwww. . . .

stacey was afraid to conquer macarons but she nailed it. {obvi} 

my p, double-fisted.  gal after my own heart.

awesome fondant shield toppers and pennant flags on baby cake by etsy shoppe cakes and kids.  they are lovely to work with!

my fave pic of the day. . . 
my very own super hero nephews!

hey meredith, stacey and paige.  you are beyond super.
thank you thank you and thank YOU. 

supermama lc- thanks for doing all the unglamorous jobs while i was sunning myself in florida. {writing the checks, dominating the paper cutter, and rolling the streamer balls}
i adore you.

and to my lil super mac, even tho i can't keep up with you, i still love you so very much and it's an honor to be your auntie, godmom, and party planner.


Lucinda said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!

Jayme said...

Sarah!!! What an amazing party! SO inspiring!

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