best. umbrella. evah.

packing my bags for a girl's getaway this weekend and the weather simply isn't cooperating.  i was planning on bringing lots of fun spring-y tops, perhaps even some open-toed shoes .  i mean, it is the end of may, for riggins' sake.

anywho, here's a peek at some new inspiration for the trip.

yup, it's jeans {not of the white variety}, Ts and rain boots.
{and no, i don't own the burberry trench and yes, i really will be traveling with a costco-sized bottle of advil.}

ummmm, how phenom is this umbrella?!  need.  it. . . now.


akjennberry said...

Where can I find that shirt!?

Craft That Party said...

that umbrella made me laugh all. day. long!

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