night owls: springtime

wow, i really got carried away with the mom's day gift guides, huh?  i hope everyone got just what their hearts desired.
i can't remember the last time i did a 'night owls' post!  sorta missed it. . . so here ya go!

how glorious is a gorgeous spring day?  especially here in the northeast. . . where everyone has been somewhat literally hibernating for months. . . we've truly earned the right to enjoy the sunshine, birds chirping {altho they start a tad early for my liking -cue the scene from funnyfarm} and finally being able to walk outside without 17 layers.

this little girl's room just embodies spring to me.  from the green "A" to the floral chandalier.  it is so light, airy and inviting.  i'd like to crash here after a busy spring day.

image via cottage living

did anyone else have this book when they were little?  i am obsessed with gyo fujikawa's illustrations.  so adorbs!  i just bought it on amazon so i could relive my youth, ummmm, i mean for c & p.  i hope it's as good as i remember. . .

and how cute are these hatley jammies?  sugar on top spoiled c & p with these for their birthday gift last year and we can't wait to wear them this spring.

check out these inspiring prints from the wheatfield, an etsy shoppe with the gorge work of katie daisy. {katie, is that your real name?  worship.}

i hope it's another fab day.  
{if not this post is crap.}  
but really i just want everyone to be happy and usually these days are a good start.  most peeps leave their bad attitudes at home when the sun is shining.  {you better leave yours at home no matter what.}
happy tuesday!


ELE said...

I didn't think this beautiful day could get any better! Thank you for your beautiful post. I need those etsy signs.

Jayme said...

love the etsy shop! Redecorating the kids bedroom and a few of them will be perfect! Thanks for posting all these great finds!

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