calypso wrap dress: still love-love or over it?

i had an e-mail from calypso in my inbox this am announcing they're famous silk dupioni wrap dress was back by popular demand.  

do we still love-love this dress or are we over it?

i personally think it's classic but i wouldn't run out and buy one today.  {first off, the "wrapping" part of this dress is above my pay grade}  but i do think it's stunning on others and i love the idea for bridesmaids.

image via project wedding

rent the runway is actually offering them as bridesmaid rentals  at 65 bucks a pop.  don't even get my started on what an amazebalz idea i think this is {because c'mon now- do you ever really wear it again?}. . .pretty colors, too. . .

btw, for those of you who haven't "rented the runway" yet, join here!

so what do you think about the dress?  still love-love or over it?


ELE said...

still love for sure

Nancy said...

I'm over it. Prefer the Kimberly but font love the new colors. I gave my wraps away

casstaylor said...

i'm def partial, but i still love. maybe because it was my bridesmaid dresses and i chose thinking it was timeless.

akjennberry said...

Over it- sort of not loving the sleeves at all. Oh, and I am back in AK so I'm freezing and out of dress mode. lol

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