feliz cinco de mayo!

fabulous lucinda posted about our wedding and family restaurant today over on glitter, glue, and fireflies.  she beat me to it and i love her for that.

images via corinna raznikov

she shared her kind words about zavala {my fam's original restaurant that is no longer} and milagro {their current restaurant located in amazebalz stonington boro, ct}. 

 my incredible sister, genine, married martin over 15 years ago.  i can barely remember the time before we were introduced to him and his beautiful and vibrant mexican culture.  he happens to be an awesome chef and ridiculously hard worker {and kind and loving, underneath his macho exterior, to boot}

his restaurant is consistently named one of the best mexican in connecticut and number one restaurant in stonington. it is as adorable as it is delicious and i'm sad we don't live closer {altho convinced i would weigh 400 lbs. if i did}

  i don't tell martin or my sister enough how proud i am that he is a part of our family and that they have accomplished so much.
i'd like to raise a margarita glass to them!

and if anyone is lucky enough to be in the area - get there early.  they don't take reservations but it is well worth the wait.  

milagro, 142 water street, stonington, ct

and an overdue word about zavala's passing.  we had some good times.  one of my bridal showers, my surprise 30th, my wedding farewell brunch, countless other over-indulgent occasions.
most pictures aren't fit to print but here are a couple that i dug up. . .

my fave drinking partner. . .

now it's on to the next generation.  

now, if only i could book the island for c &/or  p's wedding. . . {as if daddy doesn't have enough reason to raid that tequila selection!}


Lucinda said...

Love you right back Ms Hoot! What a glorious adventure we had!! Now if only we could get our youngins hitched to one another..life would be perfect!!

ag24 said...

best margaritas EVER! this brought back so many memories!! the topless "worm" race on the bar floor for gina's 50th??? ah-mazing.

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