MY wishlist!

so it it occurred to me that i better get the word out to CBC what this mama wishes for on sunday!
granted, i have everything i need, and then some. . .
healthy babes, roof over my head, supportive fam & hub. . .
that being said. . .

{in the words of fabulous nancy}
i want, i want, i want!

1. carcanet earrings from BHLDN.  these are only to compliment
# 2. the long time object of my affections - the gin fizz dress, also from BHLDN.  must.  have.  it.  for sweet katelyn and brian's fall wedding in woodstock, ny.  how perf?! 
3. love-love the kate spade idiom bracelets.  i think these are a fab gift for our moms, as well.  great price point.  adorbs and sweet sentiment.  these particularly struck my fancy because the feathers reminds me of lil hoot. . . 'a shining light' reminds me of my beautiful phoebe, which means "bright, shining light". . . which she very much is.  swoon.
4.  thinking about wearing a watch again so i'm not on my effing iphone every 2 seconds.  i hate myself for having that thing pretty much tied to my wrist.  so addictive and i always use the excuse that ' i need to check the time' and then fb 200 times, obvi! these michele watches are super-cute.
do you think it would help my cause?
5. this is just a cool trina turk beach bag that comes with the towel.  gotta love a bonus gift.
but i'm not meaning to be greedy here.  i'd be perfectly content with items 1-3.


Lex said...

Love, love, love the dress! And you NEED it for a wedding, that makes it a no-brainer.

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