saturday smiles. . .easter frenchie!

riggins totes stole the spotlight from frenchie friday (the bastahd)!
but today is looloo's day to shine.
a lil backstory: looloo came to live with us the day after easter, 5 years ago this april.  the word lulu means 'bunny' in native american and ultimately we settled on miss looloo (derivative of my maiden name loomis).  i take this naming biz seriously.

without further ado, miss looloo, our very own easter bunny!

at this point, i'm not sure if we are luckier to all these beautiful babies or to have meredith nelson around to capture these moments. 
eternal gratitude, meredith.  we'll have to have looloo hop on over with something VERY special for you this year!
happy weekend, everyone.


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