love me some wreath

so you know how you meet people at different times in your life, and some make such an impact that you think of them time and time again?  this happens to me quite a bit.  some people i think of because they were complete nutbags and i wish i could forget them, some made me laugh so hard i still pee a little looking back, and some are just so damn good at what they do, they inspire me to be better.  

i'm sure this next fabulous lady has no clue how inspired i am by her on a daily basis.
she's a florist.  scratch that.  she's THE BEST florist i've certainly ever encountered.
i was lucky enough to work with her on my island weddings.
she now has a perfect lil storefront in mystic, connecticut and a booming biz.  i'm talking about yumiko fletcher of hana floral design.

i popped in to pick up a lovely arrangement for my mum last year and found this most amazing wreath for the girls' room.  
{i may have fibbed and said yumiko gifted it to us but really she wasn't even there.  doh!}
i have it on my front door this month though because it's very easter-y.  
{well that's my excuse right now but let's play a fun lil game where we see how long CBC let's me get away with a feathered sparkly pink delicious wreath on our door}

okay, so here it is. (forgive my amateur shots but meredith somehow slipped out of my pocket today - damn her!)

oh yes, that's some sparkly goodness you spy. . . 

and here's the wreath yumiko exquisitely crafted for my first island wedding.  

yup, wedding planning was a cinch when i had this super-hero on speed dial!

can you stand it?

aaaaannnnnd how could i resist sharing ashley's gorge bouquet?  i mean, perfection!
  hop on over to hana floral design's blog for more eye-candy.

images by craig paulson
and if you ever have the opportunity to visit or use hana floral design, doooooooit!  

oh and by the way, i know you're not going to believe me but yumiko is as beauteous as her flowers.  


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woo hoo! loving the blog! thanks for the love and right back at you! xoxo

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