naptime treat: sunny stripes

it's a ridiculously rainy day here in new england. . . this image makes me feel warm and sunny inside.
i'd like to whip up a canopied lounge area just like this for my george and loo when i retire to florida.  i know what you are thinking and YES they are going to live forever!  obvi.

image via pinterest
special shout out to my cousin j who is always sending love and encouragement all the way from alaska. i'm feelin' it.  xoxo


akjennberry said...

Love you Cous!!! And living vicariously!! xoxo

Sarah said...

Will you have a canopied lounge for your p.s. when you retire to florida? because i'm coming with you.

Sarah said...


ag24 said...

totes retiring in the canopie with p.s., "clarkey"

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