naptime treat: more garland love

not much of a DIYer, as you may have picked up on by now, but i heart this concept!
i've been a sucker for paint chips since i was a wee one, which actually came in handy when i was on bed rest with c & p.  i swear i looked at paint chips for days on end, and was totes content {minus decent food and my pups}
even the doctors and nurses would join in on the fun.

i'm thinking this could be a great conversation piece- people love to talk paint colors. . . and it's just, well, pretty freaking adorable.

amy atlas re-posted steph from modern parents messy kids phenom tutorial this am.  head over to the modern parents messy kids blog for the full details. {totes love that name, btw}

thanks again to steph and amy for sharing this eggcellent idea.
{you know i love working in a pun on a tuesday}


True Event said...

I LOVE THIS!!! absolutely brilliant!

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