monday punday: sneak peek

hellooooooooo, old friends.  i'm back.  
and i'm everything one should be post-vacay.  

tan. check.
five pounds heavier. check.
new laugh lines from having so. much. fun. CHECK.
rejuvenated. check.
a bit depressed to be back to reality. check.

realizing "reality" is not so bad? 

i missed you!  i was going to give you the post-vacay wrap-up today but to be honest, i'm just not ready to talk about it. . .  it was that good.

i must admit, i did enjoy the time away from it all and i was none too pleased to be greeted by a lovely "wintry mix" upon my arrival to logan on thursday night, but luckily i had the super mac party to look forward to.

super mac happens to be my nephew and godson, and for all intents and purposes, he is the closest thing to a super hero i know. . .

some very special peeps were busy bees all day friday and saturday preparing.
sugar on top (obvi) and supermom lc . . .
paiges of style had already put in her late nights and long hours creating THE most adorbs paper goods- swoon city, folks. . . get ready for some serious eye-candy. . .
and of course the fabulous meredith nelson was kind enough to capture the festivities.  eternally grateful to this chick, i mean i just cannot say it enough.
AND the party was at you & me studio, my very fave place for a party!

 are we talking dream team or what?
i'll gush more about these ladies more when i do the full party post.

for now, i have the ultimate pun for monday punday.  
it happens to be a "sneak peek" of super mac's party.  
it is my precious P peeking at the dessert table.  i swear on all my future vacations this was unscripted.  this silly lil rabbit pulled the flower pot seat right up to the table in the midst of the birthday party chaos to take a closer look at sugar on top's gorgeous confections.  
{she managed to keep her paws off until super mac blew out the candles so i guess i'll keep her.}

for those of you questioning miss P's choice of outfit, i hear ya.  first of all, wasn't she just wearing those polka-dotted leggings in the amazebalz hunter boot pic that fabulous meredith shot a few weeks ago?  YES.  we like to get our use out of the 4 dollar target legging.  i worship target.  plus, these leggings are the only things we own with purple (my least fave color) in them.  and i know what you're thinking, why, in the name of Jesus, is she wearing a purple t-shirt to the birthday party anyway?
well, because it's super, and it rules, that's why.
available at old navy 

oh, and there are a few clues in here as to this week's 'theme' - peeps, chicks, blessed, worship, rabbit, paws, Jesus. . . hmmmmm. . . 
looks like some bunny is going to post Easter goodies this week!


Lucinda said...

Ohh Miss have a way with words and you certainly know how to make me laugh....

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