details and design

fabulous jessica was kind enough to send some pics and descriptions of her fave goodies from her aunt's store.  swoooon.
it's one of those stores that i could spend hours - maybe days-  in. lusting over everything!  obvi.
since i'm a mom of twin 2 and a half year olds that would be lil bulls in a china shop in a joint like this, i must cyber shop instead.  wah-wahhhhh.  
a drawback of this is missing out on not only the experience but also the fab gift wrapping.
i always feel so special when i get a gift from a special shoppe like details and design . . . 

 cuff bracelets are 18.00, sea urchin, pink fish, orange shell, octopus etc.

 Chunks of bright coral on Lucite base

Matta scarf, variety of colors

calypso fragrances are 58.00 each

bleached jute rugs start at 58.00.available in many sizes.the ultimate beach rug!

signs...92.00 can be made to order.  say anything you want!

Jill Rosenwald Hampton links pottery. trimmed in 14 kt.  gold. She is a Boston based designer. So many uses. flowers, kitchen utensils, pens and pencils etc .start at 42.00

worship these!

Details and Design 
332 Elm Street 
South Dartmouth MA 

and get this?  call and mention lil hoot for free shipping and gift wrap!  the special mamas in your life will think you spent hours perusing a unique and fab gift shoppe. . . meanwhile you were just checking out some blogs while the wee ones nap.
if it's busy when you call, it might be me tying up the line. . .  i want at least one of each!
and marblehead ladies- shall we plan a field trip?  obvi!


christina said...

NEED 'dat pottery!!!

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