MDGG- lindsey foley

so i should have warned you that i was going to start posting fab gift guides by some of my fave fashionable mamas today.
i decided it would be fun to do more of a 'wishlist' approach - maybe that will give you some ideas what to put on your list or what to get a stylish mama you love. . .or just something to drool over.

let me just say i could go on and on about all of these gals but i tried to sum them up in a few words.  NOT EASY!

stay tuned for many more goodies. . . 

next up. . .

1. winston flowers 2. eliza page monogram necklace 3. christian louboutin wedges 4. red envelope keepsake frame (for her precious new bundle beckett!) 5. sheridan french georgina dress

tom- lindsey wants to make sure you are reading!  and not to forget this lanvin bag she's been eyeing.
how could we not love this woman?

check out lindsey's website and that gorgeous photo of her is courtesy of bellini pics


ag24 said...

LOVE the gift ideas, sarah! how about some for the less stylish and frumpy 60 yr. old moms?

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