owl take two. . . in every color!

so i was first introduced to skipping hippos ponchos when a certain shelby visited last fall.  i was smitten from the get-go, fast forward 6 months and we own six of these darn things! (2 are the 'ponchitos' for dollies)  the sick part is that i want more, more, more!
i was thrilled to wake up to PPW today.  yup, you guessed it - perfect poncho weather!  my own lil GTL, i wonder if it's been trademarked yet. . .
anyhoo, p wore her's proudly to stop & shop this morning and i must say she was the envy of all the other kiddos riding shotgun in their carriages.

for those of you thinking they want a poncho but looking for some justification - i'm thinkin' the easter bunny would like to deliver these. . . and they would take up a lot of space in the basket so think of all the money you'll save on chocolate bunnies!


Jill said...

Maeve wants one! For her, not her dollie.

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