monday punday: matilda's

sorry i'm a tad late posting today.  i've had sick bebes all weekend, consequently kept them home from school.  no school blues.  wahwahhh.  oh, and i'm sickie too, and did i mention CBC is at a bachelor party?

okay, so enough venting. . .
onto more cheerful topics.  
last night, as i was entering my nyquil haze, i flipped through the april issue of coastal living.  much to my delight, i spied a feature on the proprietor of my very favorite gift shoppe when we visit mimi's- matilda's in stuart, florida.  (dana small and her hub have girl/boy twinkies, matilda & tate, swoon.)
enjoy the pics of her gorgeous store space and then really treat yourself and check out the article in coastal living of dana's beautiful home. 
ummm, the shell fireplace?  yes, please!
let's just go ahead and place her on my list of heroes, shall we?  
incredible taste. check.
mama of adorable twins.  check.
fabulous store {with endless access to blablas, trumpette, and macbeth collection- oh, my!} check. 
gorgeous home on the water.  check.

i have to say i've only had a couple of brief convos with her personally, but she was lovely.  
congrats on it all, dana!  
can't wait to visit next year {maybe i'll leave c & p at mimi's so i can do some real damage}

click HERE
oops!  i almost forgot the pun!  this puntastic sign is around the corner from matilda's in downtown stuart.  not exactly my style but i certianly appreciate the sentiment.

here's a pic of c pre-tantrum.  could you imagine lugging this guy through the airport?
better yet, can you imagine explaining that to a very smitten 2 year old?
good times.


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