friday night light of my life

so i've mentioned the hub {aka CBC} before, and by now you should all know about george, my first baby and the "son" i never had. . . well, there is one other VERY special dude in my life.  
his name is riggins.
and i WORSHIP him.

i had a few too many cocktails at shelby's bachelorette this summer and the next day another shelby asked me if i remembered telling her i would cheat on CBC with riggins.  newsflash: it wasn't the cocktails talkin'!  i kid. . .
sort of.

 the fifth and final season of friday night lights begins on NBC tonight.  it will be a bittersweet evening.  
i cannot imagine my life without these characters.  yes, i'm being completely serious.  
if you do not watch this show, do yourself a huge favor and buy the dvds NOW.  here's the link!  
this is also a go-to gift of mine.  i have given the dvds to at least 5 friends.  it's forreal the best thing ever.
if anyone needs more convincing. . . 

the show is totes phenom, even minus the riggins factor.  
it was actually CBC who initially got me to watch (this rarely happens) but he hearts it, too.  the football scenes are amazebalz (and i never thought i'd care about football) 

okay, clearly i could go on and on and on and ON. . .and i will.  you'll certainly hear more about this.
for my fellow fans out there- enjoy tonight.  
for the future fans - you can thank me later. . . and no doubt. . .you will.
you will also be MIL with riggins.  but paws off. . .he's mine!



Shannon said...

um yumm. season 1 has 22 episodes, how will i ever catch up??

ag24 said...

he could not be hotter.

Alexis said...

I'm sorry Riggins is mine!
So excited for tonight but so sad it is the last season. I know I will be crying like a baby in every episode.

Beth McC. said...

CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T LOSE!!!!!!! I cant wait I will be watching with my tissues because I I know I will cry!!! And just so you know I have some major LOVE for Riggins myself!!

Harborview Eats said...

stop posting pics of my future hubby. you're already taken - i'm not.

you're right - best gift i've ever gotten :)

akjennberry said...

East Coast/West Coast TV viewing is totally different. LMAO

If it streams on Netflix it might have a chance.

Paiges of Style said...

Ahhh, love me some Riggins!

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