frenchie friday: dress up with loo

it's happening.  i'm blogging from the train.  holla!

the train is glorious, bee tee dubs.  altho, its going to be super awk when i get off at penn station with the most ginormous suitcase known to man and two other bags, one with my precious macs {big thanks to pickwick!} but so far the extra effort is worth it.

anyhoot, i'm getting set to work on the big post i mentioned yesterday {it's slightly daunting} and started going through old pics.   figured i'd do a quick frenchie friday post while i'm procrastinating.  apparently, i used to dress up looloo.  have not done this in some time. 

should really start again, look how happy it made her.

omg - what is wrong with me?  don't answer that. . . 

happy weekend, everyone!  can't wait to fill you all in on the big happening in the dirty jerse.


Anonymous said...

Have so much fun in the Big Apple. Do it right!! Waiting to hear from you... would love to help in any way. Even if it's just a simple "yay" or "nay"!!!
Be in touch.xx

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