march "MAD"ness

i cannot possibly start the week without commenting on how fabulous it was to see mr. draper last night.  the 2 hour premiere of madmen seemed to go by too fast.  i thoroughly enjoy the witty dialogue and genius commentary but let's face it - i would be happy to tune in to watch john hamm stand on his head for 2 hours.

hot. as. {that thing i actually don't find that hot}

second to swooning over don, i love seeing all the fashions that joannie, betty, peggy and the gang are sporting.
and luckily, a lot of current fashions are echoing that era.

tracy reese

david meister
milly is one of my fave designers evah- always with just enough  'retro' flair.

thinking of buying this next one and channeling my inner "mrs. draper".

if i could only get this guy to swing by and bring me to the mall.

no need to beep the horn - i'm ready for ya . . .

yes, please. thank you.


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