night owls: ski house edition

so i need to be honest here, i'm not a very "strong" skiier. . . but i'm a huge fan of the lifestyle, specifically apres ski.  
the hub and i are headed out west this weekend so skiing is on the mind.  all of these images make me very excited and i would love to decorate a ski house one day. . . and with any luck, c & p will have more natural talent on the slopes than their mama. 

 i wasn't that into the hgtv dream home in stowe, vermont this year until i saw the 'ski dorm'.  love-love bunks and you are sure to see a ton of bunk images on night owls.

and the dorm bathroom is genius!

all images via hgtv

there's a slight chance that i'm not going to win the hgtv dream home, in which case i have a back-up plan.  
tivoli lodge in davos.  
ummm, yeah. . . 

can't. . . deal. . .with the indoor pool overlooking the alps.  breath-taking.

all images via tivoli lodge

okay, so back to reality.  

i love picture frames.  wouldn't this one look great with a pic of my two CBCs on the slopes?   my husband and daughter have the same initials and middle name, which happens to be breckenridge.  (nope, not after the ski-town, it's his lovely grandmother's maiden name.  hi gammy!)

also a big fan of vintage posters.  i really like the colors of these two and of course the smooching couple warms my heart.  

image via pinterest

i've actually had the pleasure of visiting the swiss village, chamonix.  major swoon-fest! 
{again, this was in my former "former life".  before wedding planning came corporate flight attendant.  you're bound to see some goodies from my travels sprinkled throughout the blog.}

can you stand it?  find these personalized pjs at chasing fireflies.  and of course i'm a total sucker for the pint -sized hunter boots.

and if the little ones can stay awake for a story after all the fun in the snow read them this classic.

okay, one more time. . .because i just canNOT get enough of this room!


serious swooooooon.

by the way, tivoli lodge also has a sick playroom.  obvi.


ELE said...

Love the bunk beds and this blog. I want to go not ski with you!

Gillian~Katie said...

I love bunk rooms. I have seen them in beach houses and ski houses. They are a brilliant idea.

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