sassy silhouettes

i am always thrilled to find things that capture the attention of those of us who are still kids at heart, not just raising them. . .
i was DELIGHTED when paige of paiges of style posted about an LA groupon deal for carter kustera's silhouettes. . . {sorry folks, the deal expired pre-lil hoot blog or i certainly would have let you in on it}
i have long admired these awesome creations on jonathon adler and at barney's co-op.  but finally an opportunity way too good to pass up. . .of course the deal was only good for two and i want 4. . . maybe 6. . . {okay, in an ideal world my bathroom would look like a barney's fitting room.}
let's just say it's good {for me} to have boundaries as i have been known to get carried away with this type of thing.
so i just need to decide which two c. family members will carter grace our home with. . . first.
george and looloo in the living room?  hubby and i above the bed in the master?  c & p for their upcoming big girl room?  and then need to choose colors and the fun part. . . captions!  stay tuned. . . i'd love your input. . .

all images via carter kustera
the first year the girls were born i did a silhouette Christmas card.  not sure how i pulled it together since they were only 6 weeks old.  must have been some form of escapism.  anyway, here was the cover. . .

and on the inside

with a photograph of the pups and a teeny weeny c & p.

and i've had this frenchie silhouette here in our living room long before george and looloo came along.  i think it is old school pottery barn.  a little foreshadowing? 
 (pun intended. . .obvi)


designchic said...

I'm such a fan of silhouettes...adore the ones against the bright pink wall!!

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