night owls

excited to share some goodies from one of my favorite times of the day, bedtime! 
jammies are my favorite thing ever, especially for the little ones. keeping with this week's theme,  i've put together some valentine's day treats for my first
"night owls" post. 

img via pinterest

looks like the lucky princess who sleeps here is ready for valentine's day, every day!

you can find these sweet hearts at the gap.

you'll be hard-pressed to find a kiddo that can't be bribed with a curious george book when it's time for tuck-in.  my little munkys love this one!

these super soft pillows are cute all year round

we have this image in c & p's nursery.  i had this wonderful etsy vendor remove the line about calories because i don't think little girls need to know anything about those.
 but doesn't it just make your heart happy?  LOVE.
happy day after valentine's day!
wishing you an early bedtime and very sweet dreams


Unknown said...

So cool Sarah! I love that you took that line out about calories! I don't want my little girl obsessing about those either.

HeritageCurrentCo. said...

I'm so glad you liked your custom piece, and thank you very much for featuring my print!

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