monday pun-day

happy heart day!
okay, so i'm really going to let my corny flag fly on mondays.
let's just start by saying. . . 

Seven days without a pun makes one weak.

get it? (weak/week)
yup, i seriously just wrote that and i am seriously going to have a post called monday pun-day, and the craziest part of it all is that you will most likely embrace it.

well, i go weak in the knees for yummy paper goods and throw in a pun, and i am one happy girl.

here are some of my mostest favoritest valentines this year. . .

obviously, we are rockin' the owl theme - we just think they are owl that and a bag o' chips, i could go on owl day long. . . 
 whoooo wouldn't love this card from minted ?

it's probably pretty obvious why i woof this one from scoop of sugar 

you won't strike out with this card from ink and iron

 this idea ROCKS from jac o' lyn murphy

 i totes dig this idea, too
check out the DIY guide here

have you everrrrrrrr seen such adorable pirates?  
you don't have to walk the plank to get these arrrrrrsome valentines.  just head over to mer mag
you won't want to cover your eyes!

and for all you last minute v-day shoppers, this is just TOO fabulous not to share.  LOVE-LOVE it (even though it's not puntastic) it's just plain FANTASTICAL!
head on over to eat drink chic for the DIY printables to whip this up on your own.  your hunny will think you started planning before thanksgiving.  i'm hoping my valentine doesn't get a chance to read the blog at work today so i can surprise him with this.  
i can keep a secret if you can.

all together now <swooooooooooon>

now that wasn't too punful, was it?

hope you have a very sweet valentine's day. . . like you!

img via weheartit


Gillian~Katie said...

Love it all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Alexis said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Rock Candy!!
Your blog is beautiful.
Happy Valentine's Day,

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