heart's day duds

one of my weekly posts will be titled. . .

featuring some must-haves for my daughters, nephews, and pups.  {i might just throw in something i'd like ONE of, for moi! but chances are i've already blown the budget on the little ones}

given that one of my mostest favoritest holidays is just around the corner, i thought i'd throw out some ideas for valentine's day garb.

love-loving this heart cardi from mini-boden . . . C & P would be so happy sporting these on valentine's day or any other day for that matter. . .

these bling-bling shoes from the gap are big fun, too!

we are very much about accessorizing around here these days.  it's always a challenge working with c & p's tresses (or lack thereof) but a cute barrette usually does the trick. (for all of three minutes)  

big swoon over these precious felt heart clips. . . 

 unfortunately hats and mittens are absolute necessities this winter!  at least they can be adorable!  more swooning - over this one especially!

and how handsome would my tough guy nephews look in these awesome hand-dyed Ts?  i know they have serious soft spots for their moms (as do i).

and for my four-legged valentines. . .

sweet miss looloo would look quite stunning in this . . . not that my little girls need any more encouragement to give loo hugs & kisses!
and my george, ohhhh george, my very first baby, {much more on this naughty munky to follow} but he's a mama's boy at heart, despite his attitude with a capital "A", so this leash & collar would be perfect for the little devil!

and perhaps mama could wear this sweater on valentine's day!  it would be fitting since c & p have been known to be called peace & love, as well.  

 it all began with this shot from when they were about 3 months old. . .

now things aren't quite as peaceful, but they are still lovely.  
we continued the theme with this year's Christmas card, designed by the ridiculously gifted paige of paiges of style.  much more on paige soon, as she is VERY busy cooking up some serious goodies for my upcoming soiree . . . stay tuned! 
{the actual card was bracket shaped}

wishing you peace & love this valentine's day weekend! 


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

You are good girl! Love the choices!

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Paiges of Style said...

Ahhh, thanks for including me! YOU are ridiculously gifted and creative!!! xo

Chloe's Collars said...

Thanks for including my Hugs and Kisses Dog Collar! Great Picks!!

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