so, in my humble opinion, my gorgeous friend julie of shelter interior design has the most incredible design blog out there.  i always look forward to her daily posts and she is an inspiration, in the way she lives her life, not just as a designer/blogger.  she's one of the strongest gals you could ever hope to know and despite having one of the busiest schedules, she always makes time for her friends.  she actually took the time to travel into boston, delicious homemade veggie dip and stack of glossy design mags in tow, to visit me when i was on hospital bed rest with c & p.  the dip was a very welcome change from the cafeteria food and the company was even better.

i have to share her post from this morning because it truly brightened my day.  she featured shots from ruthie sommer's fabulously decorated home from house beautiful and one in particular grabbed my attention (altho they are all incredible!)

my extremely talented sister in law has this very similar nina campbell wallpaper in the sitting room of her 1760's home which is a delightful work in progress.  LC has impeccable taste and i'm hoping she'll let me feature much more from her unique and lovely home.

please do yourself a favor and head on over to shelter (if you haven't already) for the rest of victoria pearson's gorgeous photos of ruthie's dwelling.  perfection.  it won't just make your heart smile, it actually might sing, too!

thank you, julie. . . from the bottom of my heart


Alexis said...

It is such a small world, I just got a call from my best friend in New York who loves Shelter. She saw her post on you and went over to check it out. She then saw your post where you featured my Valentine's idea!

Your blog is wonderful:

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thanks Sweetie. I love your blog, you are a such a sweet friend! Your kind words touched my heart. xoxo, J

Cocktails and Cupcakes said...

I found your blog from Shelter. I love Julie's blog and from what I have seen love yours too!

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