whooo do i love more than owls? frenchies, that's who!

my babies (2009) photographed by the amazing corinna raznikov

so i have a confession to make. 
 i'm not that into owls. 
 i mean, my daughters adore them and we did have a super-fun owl-themed 2nd birthday party . . .
and well, then i guess i named my business and blog after them, too!
 mr. hoot is pretty darn special but my real soft spot is with french bulldogs.
two in particular : george and miss looloo. {derived from my maiden name, loomis}
and if you follow this blog you are bound to feel the frenchie love.
in fact, i'm going to dedicate at least one post a week to my beloved best friends, so bear with me!
i'm in good company as a frenchie owner (ac slater excluded).
 here are some other "famous" frenchies, although none are as cute as mine.

hugh jackman & peaches
zac & rocky

christina ricci & ramon

shawn white & rambo

mario lopez and julio cesar chavez lopez

denise richards & hunk

reese witherspoon & coco chanel

leo & django

ashley olson & her frenchie

and here they are . . . queen & queen of the frenchies. . .francesca & sharkey.
it has been a long time dream of mine to meet them.
 {and i guess it would be cool to meet martha, too}

image via martha stewart
martha, if you're reading, what time should george & looloo {and I} arrive in bedford for our playdate?


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How could I not love this post!?

Melissa C said...

I LOVE LOVE this post ;)

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