what a hoot wednesday! meet Jensen

i always appreciate when someone shares an awesome one-liner from their kiddo.  you know the kind that no-way, no-how could be made up.  this is certainly something that makes my heart smile.  
i knew just who to turn to for my first what a hoot wednesday post.  mr. J's mama is an FB friend and i always enjoy her posts with quotes from her lil guy.  so in the words of rilla, the "cutest mommy" herself. . 

Jensen is an “I’m almost 4 yr old” who lives in Nashville, TN. Loves anything that crawls, flies, wiggles, or climbs…especially his doggies, music (not country though…in Nashville, go figure!), playing outside…playing inside, reading at least 5 books a night “ How about three books?”       “No,five.” “Maybe four?” ‘No, five”, all sports that involve a ball, his friends and “my best friends, Mommy and Daddy”. He has a heart of gold and a smile that will always get him out of trouble. 
"You are my cutest Mommy." Feb. 10 2011
"Jensey can I just sleep in here with you?" "No Mommy, maybe someday when I have a bigger place." Jan. 25th 2011
"I'm in love. With you. You're my baby".  Jan 22 2011
J. and I built a fort out of the kitchen table. He is in there with his Transformers playing and I keep hearing him say "Work with me people." Jan. 13 2011
Apparently I say "I could die." when I am excited. So I pick J up, tell him I got a new Christmas movie for him to watch and he says "I could die about that. That means I am excited." Dec 2 2010
Me: Jensey can I have a bite of your apple. J: Uhmmm...no. Me: (pouting) Thats not very nice sharing. J: Its ok Mommy. You'll get through it. Nov 2010
J. yelling to me from across the room: "Hey, hot stuff!" Oct 2010
Me:"Jensen pick up your shoes please." J: "No, you can do it." M: "I am making dinner, you do it, they are your shoes." J: "Ok, the young boy scowled." NO idea where we got THAT one. Oct 2010
“So Mommy, you picked me out at the kid store because I was the best right?” Oct 11, 2010

hey, jensen - you're a hoot!

i am so looking forward to C & P chit-chatting it up, i mean beyond their favorite words  'no' and 'barney'.
if you have wee ones and don't have this book, i highly recommend getting it.  also a great gift! one of my go-tos. . .

if you think you're lil one is a hoot, contact me at sarah@lilhootparties.com to share some of the smiles. . .


Roxy Te said...

hi Sarah! Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll :) I don't have little ones yet, but I used to babysit two little angels in college- boys 3 and 5- and they were deifnitely little hoots!!

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