saturday smiles

 hopefully you have fun saturday plans and not much time to peruse blogs but wanted to quickly let you in on my plan for saturday posts, a.k.a saturday smiles.  we could always squeeze in a smile, right?

i LOVE great photos - and my personal ratio for capturing them is about 1 per every 10,000 (okay, busted, it's more like 1: 13, 500).  so i truly appreciate great pictures.  saturday smiles will simply consist of an image of a kiddo (after all they do have the most infectious smiles!) and a quote to remind us that life is good. . . just in case we need it, i know i occasionally do {she types as she looks at the piles and piles of increasingly browning snow outside.  wahwahhhwahhhh.}

so these two images certainly cheered me up today and i hope they do the same for you!

i'm also sohmigod excited to introduce one of those talented, creative, beautiful -inside and out - people.  you know the ones you want to hate but just can't because they are just TOO GOOD, and too darn likeable?  yeah, one of those.  they are few and far between and i am so so lucky to be collaborating with marblehead's own, meredith nelson
meredith is an amazing photographer - there is just as much beauty and candor going on behind the lense as in front of it.  pretty sure that's her secret to fabulous pictures, oh yeah, and then there's all those mad skills she carries around in her back pocket, too.  check out her website,  blog and Facebook page for more inspiring images and you can always check in with lil hoot on saturdays to see some of the best smiles in town, courtesy of the wonderful meredith, and hopefully you'll be sporting one, too.

happy happy saturday!

image found via the brightside project


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

thank you. thank you. you are just way too sweet! likewise sister! :) xo

The Watters Family said...

Amazing all around!! Love the site, love the photo (and lil girl) the photographer!!

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