let's flamingle!

i mentioned my fave store evah, matilda's in stuart, florida, yesterday.  i've also mentioned it here with the link to owner, dana small's, glorious home featured in coastal living.  dana does a ridic job with styling her shoppe, and her home {worship!} so i shouldn't have been surprised when guest gift guider, anne moore, sent me this link to dana's lady's luncheon, let's flamingle!  puntastic!  so it seems she dominates party planning, too . . . . this is one impressive gal . . . see for yourself . . . .

 hoot is humbled!  obvs.

not sure i could get away with a flamingo print but love these for the wee ones.

1. cassie tee 2. flamingo tee 3. baby shift dress


Anne said...

Wait, why weren't we invited?!

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