slacking. . . again


i am so sorry i've been MIA.  i didn't fall of space mountain.   we did have a big fun disney trip, many more deets to follow {horseface might have a slightly different opinion} 

then i got wrapped up in a photo shoot, which went down yesterday,  for my new {ad}venture.  cannot wait to share!

AND i took on a juice cleanse this week.  

aaaaaand today, i'm warding off this yuck weather so i can go meet the ash on a girl's weekend someplace where wintry mix is off the radar.  wish me luck!

wanted to check in quickly and say i'll be posting again next week {ahem, slacker}

thanks for your patience.  and happy weekend!



Anonymous said...

Really??? That's it? (jk) Have a great weekend! Where you headed? Looking forward to the next BIG post!

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