new nashville

there was a new nashville on last night.  no worries this is not a spoiler!
by now you should know about my riggins and FNL obsession.  WORSHIP.  and would honestly vote for tammi taylor for president.  obvs.  and now my precious tammi is the star of nashville. nashville brings me a happiness that nothing else can right now.  i want to BE rayna james.  

like i seriously want to move to nashville and be married to gross teddy and in love with deacon.  one of these is already the case, so the rest should fall into place. 

LOVE this man.

for those of you who haven't watched yet, pre-order your season 1 here.  and most definitely get yourself the soundtrack.  

it's amaze.  forrealls.  i gave 11 of them out for Christmas.

since i don't live in nashville {yet!} i can't get away with too much western gear.  i do rock the frye carson boot in the fall and spring. . . which is now.  holla!

but when i'm jamming out to my n'ville soundtrack or country 92.5 i wish the easter bunny would kick it up a notch and bring me these.

or even these. {on sale!}

have a good day, y'all.  {ugh, soooo doesn't work coming from me.}


Anonymous said...

thank u!! best post evvahhh!

Anne said...

Obviously obsessed. The 2nd soundtrack comes out this month I think?!

Katie - Something to be Found said...

My DVR has been filled with Nashville re-runs, glad to know there's a new one to watch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Guilty as charged. Obsessed with this show. And you.


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