the gale

i've been traveling to south beach for over a decade. {holy. shiz. i'm old} 
i used to hit up mango's and the clevelander and stay at the marriott and eat every meal at the big pink.  ha!  {i obvs still eat at the big pink at least once a trip} but my restaurant and nightlife choices have matured a bit {since i'm old}.  on my most recent trip last month with the ash we discovered the gale.

 ate din at dolce. it was delish and didn't leave us famished like the molecular gastronomy BS at the SLS.  {where we dined the previous night and had to stop at sbarro on the way home.  foul. but i admit the SLS is pretty ridic for people watching}

after din we headed to the regent cocktail club for about one million cocktails.

case & point.

then onto the rec room, modeled after a 70s basement. they only let about 2 hundo people in, unlike the other cray ginorm clubs in miami.  and they played the mostest funnest music evah {i think}.  holla!

okay so this place was totes my scene.  one stop shopping and old school good times, of course i had the best company, so that helped.  {until i had to carry her around like a little stuffed animal at the end of the night.  doh!}

highly recommend to all you peeps headed south this spring.  i know of a certain gorge bride-to-be and her bishes headed to sobe for some bachey debauchery.   have fun,  ladies! xoxo


Katelyn said...

You're "adorbs!" and I love the sounds of ALL of these HOT SPOTS! Hmmm...I wonder if I will be a little stuffed animal by the end of my weekend???? :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! I too must be getting old because just seeing the word "Mangos" made me smile and cringe all at the same time. So fun. Had my bachelorette party there many moons ago! Would love to go back soon and stay and play at The Gale. Looks like a fab trip!

eggill said...

I'd like to go there right about... now! Thanks for the sunny post!

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