the name game: part deux

so you might know by now that i'm obsessed with baby names.  {if not, read all about it here}

i cannot stress enough how much i want to name another baby and announce it on FB.  i don't, however, want to get pregnant, be pregnant, deliver the baby {obvs}, or raise the baby. SO, that being said, i'm not going to have another child.  but maybe i should get to name a pretend baby once in awhile?  wouldn't that be certifiable fun?  when should my pretend baby be born so i can name him/her?  i digress. . .

anyhoot, slowwwwly getting to the point.  we do have something else to name these days - CBC is getting a boat.  he claims this will make his life complete. {oh, to be a dude. . . } 
 marblehead is an amaze seaside harbor town, so i guess i'm warming up to the idea to having one, too.  and images of a full harbor in all it's summer glory are getting me through this long-assed winter/spring hybrid seasonal mess. {thank you wednesdays in MHD}

i think naming a boat is way harder than a baby.  ahem, #whitegirlproblems  
CBC does not like any names i come up with!  he has rejected sea horse {genius! courtesy of the bob}, wild horseface, and bass monkey.  furious.  

so i ask of you, my audience, what should horseface name his new baby?  he likes the idea of a song title {fave band being stones, hence wild horseface} or we like the idea of incorporating the girls somehow -  help!  what would you name a boat or this boat if you were us?  here's the very limited information i have - it's blue and it's a fishing boat.

since my other genius names were rejected, my current front runner is:
 Blue Sky 
boat is blue and love the allman brothers song. 
aaaand now it's stuck in your head.  hope you likey!

second choice:
 Double Trouble  
obvious C & P reference, and perhaps not so obvious reference to the best sitcom evah.

remember the crazy hijinx allison and kate would get themselves into?  worship.

okay so help please!
and don't forget to decide when my fake baby is due.


Lucinda said...

OMG!! I LOVE you..The Tall One is absolutely jealous....

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