frenchie friday: 2 for you. . .1 for moi!

need two of these for the girlies. . .

and obvs one of these for myself.

love that designers everywhere are encouraging my creepy dog lady wardrobe.
worship the crewcuts tee inspired by the pups at central park, my fave place evah to walk george & loo.  we haven't been since c & p were born. 
but i have a plan for when my georgey isn't happy on this earth anymore. {WOMP}
 i'm taking that badass mother-effer back to NYC . . . 
image via white loft studio
the horse is putting us up at the carlysle and i'm ordering his naughtiness a steak via room service and taking him for a spin around the park.

is anyone else concerned between this and the sock post that i've lost it?

happy frenchie friday and HAPPY weekend!


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